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Any tea implies a natural product, which consists of various herbs, flowers, crushed fruits and spices. Today, special types of drinks are produced. What is the danger of an adenomatous endometrial polyp, is surgery always needed? Various types of uterine polyps, being a local manifestation of hyperplasia of its mucous membrane, differ little from each other in macroscopic and clinical symptoms. However, the adenomatous endometrial polyp, unlike other species, is characterized by the highest degree of danger in terms of transformation into a malignant tumor. This, basically, explains the relevance of differential diagnosis and the correct choice of treatment tactics.

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why online - what is it. From the point of view of the mechanisms of development and clinical course, polyps are sometimes isolated as an independent disease if they develop against the background of an atrophic or secretory endometrium, or are regarded as a concomitant pathology in combination with fibroids, dysfunctional ovarian disorders and / and internal endometriosis of the uterus (adenomyosis).

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Endometrial polyps are exophytic, that is, growing not into the wall, but outward, into the cavity of the organ, glandular formations. At the beginning of their growth, they usually have a wide base, then transforming into a stem, in which the vessel passes. Their shape is round or oval.

  • Polyposis formations can be single and multiple, have a shiny smooth (more often) or nodular surface.
  • Their color is different - from pink to intensely red (in case of inflammation) or variegated with a grayish tint in violation of blood supply and the occurrence of hemorrhages, foci of slots necrosis and ulceration.
  • Depending on the tissue and cellular structure, the predominance of tissues of one type or another, they can be predominantly glandular, fibrous, glandular-fibrous and adenomatous.
  • Adenomatous formations are localized mainly in the bottom and corners of the uterus, closer to the mouth of the fallopian tubes.
  • They, as a rule, have casino small sizes - from 5 to 10 mm, less often - up to 30 mm.
  • With hysteroscopy, these tumors look like dull grayish loose formations on a stalk with a sometimes uneven or bumpy surface, but often visually almost do not differ from other types of polyps.
  • In this case, they can only be distinguished by histological examination.

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In fibrous polyps, for example, the glandular component is represented by single glands, the epithelium of which does not function in terms of mucus secretion. Glands may be absent altogether. The stroma, represented by fibrous connective tissue, contains a few vessels with thickened sclerosed walls located in the form of glomeruli at the base of the pedicle. In glandular formations, the epithelium is of a proliferative type, the glands predominate over the stroma, have different lengths and are located at an angle to each other, etc.

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